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My daily routine during lockdown.

collage with tape and magazines
You Matter

I've found a routine over these last few months of being in lockdown. I don't stick to it rigidly but it works for me as it makes the best use of the peaks and troughs of my creative energy.

The early mornings start off with the Five Tibetan Rites, Qi Gong, Meditation and then breakfast. By this time I'm feeling pretty chilled and ready to get going.

I'll usually do an hour of one of the classes and workshops that I am enrolled in - many of them are business/writing/marketing based but I am also enrolled on a 5 Element Qi Gong workshop. Learning things always makes me feel more purposeful, and I like to do something every day that pushes me onwards in the areas of life that I am most passionate about.

The rest of the morning is dedicated to writing - again this can be personal writing or writing for the various work projects I am involved in. I try to do at least an hour of writing every day. This can be a writing project, a blog post, or a journal entry - it doesn't matter as long as I do something.

After lunch, I will try and take a walk for an hour or so. I usually listen to an audiobook on the walk. I don't really listen to fiction, mainly spiritual, personal growth or writing/storytelling audiobooks.

The mid-afternoon is dedicated to more work and any phone calls that I need to make.

Once everything I need to do is done then I will put some music on and sit at my desk and mess around with a collage, or do some Lego.

I have built some incredible Lego sets during the lockdown. I do the expert sets, designed for adults, and can easily lose two whole hours in the blink of an eye. Lego is so relaxing.

This week though I have done collages every day, and I have enjoyed it immensely. I just sit there with some magazines and glue and tape and see what happens.

It's really relaxing and a great opportunity to catch up on some music that I might not get a chance to listen to, especially as I'm not in the car that much these days.

This week's music comes from three of the all-time greatest musicians to have ever graced the planet.

Marvin Gaye's You're The Man, is sensational. I didn't even know this album existed until this week. it's the album he recorded straight after What's Goin On, but shelved it after the first single didn't perform well, and released the soundtrack to Trouble Man instead, followed by Let's Get It On.

Bob Dylan has a new album out, Rough And Rowdy Ways, his first for 10 years and potentially his last. It's a masterpiece. The last track on the album, Murder Most Foul, centres around the Kennedy assassination and is incredible.

Neil Young has released Homegrown. He recorded this album immediately after Harvest back in 1973, written off the back of a relationship breakup, but shelved it after he felt it was too personal. 47 years later it sounds as fresh as anything Young has ever done.

collage tapes and magazines
Made from the scraps of tape and magazines that don't make it onto the main collage.
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