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Where did that year go?

When I looked at the date of my last post - October 16th 2021 - I couldn't believe my eyes.

I had been aware that I hadn't written for a while, but at a guess, I would have said it was a maximum of five months.

How has that happened? That has been the fastest year I have ever experienced.

I'm not mad at myself for not posting, there's no blame and no shame - I just can't believe it's been a year.

But, what a year it has been!

2022 has possibly been the most interesting year I have ever experienced, although not so much in a sense of what I physically 'did', but more about the inner journey I have been on.

I have learned so much about who I am, what I am here for, and what I am good at; and I have learned to have more confidence and trust in that.

I can see more and more how I have spent a lot of time in my life looking for validation and acknowledgment and for other people to tell me what I'm worth, rather than seeing and feeling that for myself.

2022 has been the year that I claimed that back and took responsibility for my own self-worth and self-love. I'm still a work in progress, and always aim to remain that way - constantly striving to better myself and learn more and more about who I am.

I'm excited for the future and for the next part of the journey. I know it is going to be even more beautiful now that I am putting myself firmly in the driving seat of my own happiness, health, and well-being.

With love


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