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The Journey From The Head To The Heart

A storytelling adventure.

In the dark Winter of 2020, when the ‘real’ world had gone crazy, lockdowns were still in effect, and the mainstream media were fully embroiled in their relentless campaign of fear-mongering — it was a real challenge, at times, to find like-minded souls who felt the same way that you did.

During those days, I was watching a lot of people on social media and trying to sift through the fast-growing network of ‘truthers’ who were making a name for themselves by sharing intel and predicting dates of disclosure and ascension. I fortuitously stumbled across a lady on Instagram, Lucy Davis. Outspoken and passionate, she had a directness and honesty that immediately captured my attention.

I started watching Lucy’s live videos on Instagram and felt an instant connection to her and what she was sharing. She felt familiar, although I had never met her before. I joined a weekly Zoom group she had recently started, Conscious Conversations — and found myself the only man each week amongst fifty or so women; but Lucy and the group welcomed me with open arms. I enjoyed the weekly conversations; the topics varied from talking about the geo-political stuff to some of the more profound and cosmic aspects of life, love, and the Universe.

As I became increasingly disillusioned with more and more people on social media, observing their growing desperation for attention and noticing that their messages were starting to cause more division than unity, Lucy continued to stand out as a true voice of light. She didn’t take any shit, she didn’t want to be a leader, she wanted people to take responsibility for themselves, and she was comfortable in knowing that her honesty triggered people, but also knowing it would help them break through their delusion. She spoke predominantly about love, whereas other people seemed content to continue to wade through the geo-political melodrama.

A few months later, I joined Lucy’s 12-month Self Love Club programme — a course designed to help you break through your layers of delusion and emotional trauma and find a deeper sense of fulfillment and purpose. Five months in and I’d had so many incredible breakthroughs that I was feeling more connected and aligned than ever before in my life, and along the way got to know Lucy a lot better.

Frequently on her live Instagram videos, she would complain about not getting her book written and how it was frustrating her that she wasn’t getting to it — Lucy being an absolute master planner, organiser and doer. But, I also knew — having written a couple of children’s books myself and also having just completed a memoir about my journey with a 91-year-old Holocaust survivor — that writing a book is possibly one of the most challenging things that anyone can attempt to do.

After, hearing Lucy’s frustration continue on her online rants, I reached out and offered to help her to write her book. She was only too happy to receive some guidance and so the next week we booked a Zoom session in and agreed to progress the book. In my innocence, I figured a couple of sessions would be enough to get the story down and set Lucy on the writing path.

I was wrong.

Eight and a half months later, after meeting almost every Wednesday — without fail — we finally finished the book.

And what a journey it was.

Lucy’s story unfolded week after week, with jaw-dropping moments, tears, laughter, horror, joy, and elation. I held space for her whilst she wrote, gently coaxed her and encouraged her, helped her edit the work, and I became her weekly accountability buddy. And as the weeks passed by, her book began to take shape.

She shared her journey of corporate burnout — as a Director in a corporate bank and on the trading floors, and working and playing so hard that at 34 years of age, she became gravely ill and almost lost her womb and then her life. The death of her beloved grandfather sparked a total collapse of her world, she quit her job and went intuitively traveling around the world. She met shaman and healers, and learnt how to heal herself completely, before travelling the world again, this time sharing her wisdom and her journey and helping thousands of others to heal themselves and awaken their souls.

Lucy’s story was like a real-life The Celestine Prophecy. A remarkable and courageous adventure — as the book itself states on the cover, ‘An inspirational journey from corporate burnout to spiritual warrior’.

It’s a rollercoaster of a ride, but one that is so honest, raw, and vulnerable that you sit beside Lucy for the entire ride — often feeling like you want to hold her hand and support her during her darker moments, but then also finding her holding your hand whilst she helps you breakthrough, as her journey mirrors your own.

The process of helping Lucy write her book solidified a deep and beautiful friendship — we worked through the ups and downs of her life with ‘ease and grace’, and we effortlessly navigated the endless obstacles that writing a book can present, holding each other accountable, and sharing a communal dedication, commitment and work ethic. I personally found the production process, over the 8 months, to be a truly joyous and enlightening one — week upon week, I would find myself inspired and activated by Lucy’s journey and the mesmerising way she would tell and write the story.

‘From Head To Heart’ is a book unlike any other I have encountered. It is a raw and vulnerable no-holds-barred account of a spiritual awakening. You read about Lucy’s journey, but it reflects back to you your very own soul path. This isn’t a book where the author brags egotistically about how wonderful and interesting their life has been — it’s frankly the opposite; you feel Lucy laying her own life on the line so that others may see her ordinariness and feel inspired and motivated to find their own truth and walk their own path.

The book was released on Tuesday 10th January and the feedback so far has been incredible and overwhelming. People have been vulnerably sharing on social media their experiences whilst reading the book — there have been tears, activations, breakthroughs, and also much joy and elation.

Lucy has decided that she doesn’t want to sell the book through Amazon because the company’s ethos doesn’t align with her values. She has opted to sell and promote the book herself — an admirable ambition in a world so desperate for cheap and instant satisfaction. But, with divine grace, the word of mouth is already working for her and sales so far have been phenomenal — with some people opting to buy 2, 6, and even 10 copies at a time!

If you are someone who is looking to find your purpose and align with your soul journey, or even just someone who loves to read an honest and heartfelt memoir — I know I am biased to some degree — but I genuinely believe it’s a book that will change your life.

You can buy a copy of the book ‘From Head To Heart’ at Lucy’s website HERE.

But, as Lucy herself would say, “Buckle up, babes!”

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1 Comment

Jojo Mather
Jojo Mather
Sep 09, 2023

What a beautiful way to put how the book has a way if making you actively wake you up.

I have finished the book today and I am humble to say I will pass it on to many I meet

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