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Would You Be Brave Enough To Do This?

How being the first to do something takes great courage.

This badly shot piece of footage has become something of a 'thing' over recent years.

It shows a lone dancer on the side of a hill at a festival. He's crazy dancing all on his own in front of a crowd of people. Everybody sat around watching him is likely thinking the same thing. Nutter.

The difference between him and them though is that he does not care. He's having a great time. He's the one dancing. He's the one without a care in the world.

It's brave to do that. It takes great courage to be the only one to do something, in the face of ridicule and rejection. It's brave to be the lone nutter.

But about twenty seconds into the clip, something happens. A stranger arrives and joins in. Suddenly the lone nutter is immediately transformed into a leader, he has a first follower. The leader embraces the first follower, treating him as an equal. It doesn't matter that he was the original maverick who dared to be different, he has found someone who dares to be different too, maybe someone who believes in him.

Not everybody has the courage to be the leader. The world wouldn't work anyway if everybody was a leader. What this clip shows is how important it can also be to be a first follower.

It's actually the first follower that turns the nothing into something.

If you aren't born to be the maverick leader, that's alright. The first follower is just as important.

In the clip, the first follower is still clearly uncertain and is beckoning for his friends to join in with him. Would you have the courage to recognise something that resonated with you and then dare to join in - even if you are the first follower, and still felt uncertain?

The clip continues with a second follower joining in, at about the one minute mark. Then a third joins shortly after, and then a fourth.

A tribe is forming.

By two minutes into the footage, the entire field has broken out into a dance party. Hundreds and hundreds of people crazy dancing. Now the people who don't join in are the odd ones out.

A whole movement created in two minutes.

But it all started with one person, dancing alone in a field, having fun, not caring what anybody else thought.


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