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Can you ever imagine a time you wouldn't want to keep learning?

Forgive me, I’m still learning.

That was written as a gentle reminder to myself by the way and not as a plea for forgiveness to anybody else.

I’m still learning.

Each and every day.

We all are.

We’re learning even when we don’t think we’re learning; you know, those days when you feel you’re taking ten steps backwards but then a few days later you start to see that even that was part of the learning.

The problem is that we don’t trust that process.

We doubt ourselves and our journey and we use that doubt as excuses, and so we can blame it for our unhappiness.

And, we also forget to treat ourselves with the forgiveness, kindness and patience that we show to children. When children fall and stumble we expect it and even praise them, because we know in order for them to learn to walk they must fall and get back up again and again.

But when we believe we are ‘grown ups’ and therefore we ‘should’ ‘would’ and ‘could’ do better, we heap pressure on ourselves, constantly.

We compare ourselves to other people and how we perceive their progress to be; but we never truly know their struggle or their journey and so essentially we’re comparing apples to oranges.

We might do better if we actually treat ourselves with love, respect, kindness and patience.

We’re still learning.

That feels so beautiful to me. It feels gentle. It feels kind. It takes all the pressure off of us to have to be something else.

We are enough as we are.

Just as we are.

And we're still learning, we don't ever have to be the finished product, the perfect person. We just have to relax into the process of learning and growing. That's what keeps it exciting.

In the grand scheme of things, in relation to the 13.8 billion years of the universe, and for our brief and precious time on this Earth, we’re always going to be just babies, always learning new stuff.

And yes, we can be strong, we can be fierce, we can be bold, we can be brave, we can be wise - we can be so many things - but they mean nothing if we can’t also be kind, especially to ourselves.

We’re still learning.

That is so exciting too. There’s something in each new day that we can learn. That’s worth jumping out of bed for.

Yes we have to find ways to make ends meet.

Yes we have to take care of ourselves and our loved ones.

Yes we do live in a crazy world, run by psychopaths.

But, there’s gold in each and every day and it’s our purpose to find it.

Every day is like a fascinating cosmic treasure hunt.

Sometimes you’ve got to go digging in the dirt to find the gold, that dirt may be your own ego and shadow, it might be in the guise of somebody who triggers you - regardless, don’t be afraid to get a bit mucky.

The message is in the mess.

So, forgive yourself, you’re still learning.

I know I am.

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