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What are we waiting for?

Stop waiting. We are the only ones who can really help ourselves.

As time goes by, we become more and more aware of our own mortality.

We only have a finite amount of time here on this planet, in this specific body that we have chosen to spend that precious time in.

We don’t always know it but we have the ultimate choice of what we do with this life.

We’ve been taught from birth to believe that life is a certain way.

Our parents didn’t know any better.

Our teachers didn’t know any better.

They were doing the very best they could with the resources they had at their disposal at that time.

But, everyone has been sold the lie.

It’s the greatest lie ever told.

That lie is - we are separate.

Our oneness - our sovereignty, our divinity, our connection to God - has been kept from us for our whole lives.

We are told early on that we are a name, an individual and we build a persona around that individuality.

We each are quirky and unique but often we are told to suppress that individuality because it means we won’t fit in or we’ll attract attention.

Every experience we have continues to reaffirm our separateness, and we are bombarded with distractions and vices that will guarantee that we don’t discover the truth about who we are.

But why would humans, and the hierarchal society that they live in, want to keep us separate and disempowered?

It’s a complicated old story, simplified in the gospels and ancient texts but it goes something like this:

There was once just oneness and nothing else - no time, no space, just no-thingness, creation uncreated. Within that oneness was contained the potential of everything ever possible, and within that creative no-thingness was the desire to express itself and know itself completely.

In that existential ‘moment’ everything existed - time and space - some know that as The Big Bang; the potential of everything becoming manifest so that the ‘all’ could experience itself rather than just be itself.

We are each just one cosmic facet of that infinite creativity, in human form, endowed with the same creative force of, and as, creation - or dare I say it - God.

Ultimately, we have no limits, no barriers, just the freedom to choose and express whatever we want.

For better or for worse.

There can be no ‘divine’ interference or even judgement of the choices we make, otherwise it wouldn’t be true creation it would be direction.

Welcome to Planet Earth. Welcome to free will - an experiment to witness what human beings can create or destroy when they have the absolute freedom to choose and create for themselves.

There is a deep pull inside each of us though, call it Soul, that is encouraging us to remember what and who we truly are.

That is the completion of the ultimate cosmic circle. We are given the gift of freedom to choose anything we want, and if we can finally remember what we came down to Earth for, and that we are ultimately a divine spark inside a human vehicle then we have truly arrived back home.

The ‘problem’ - for want of a better word - is that with free will, we, as humans, have the ability to create either heaven or hell for ourselves while we are manifest on this planet.

With being human, we develop a persona that helps us survive in the world, and which, I hasten to add, is a pre-requisite to human life and an essential part of the journey to be able to re-discover ourselves.

The persona, or ego, helps us to navigate through life, it teaches us important survival skills, but it also is constantly surveilling the world for potential danger and threats.

The persona is essentially an illusion, built as a way to help us function in the world. The persona knows this and so it fights for its own existence, desperately trying to distract us from knowing the truth about who and what we really are.

Truth equates to death in the ego’s world.

So then, imagine how that magnifies on a global scale and has played out over several millennia.

It isn’t hard to imagine because the world around us is the culmination of thousands of years of human ego made manifest.

Almost everything we experience is a result of human thought manifest into physical form.

Every system, every government, every institution, every law, every ideal, every object, every distraction is the physical manifestation of the fear of death, or more specifically, of the ego death.

And that fear makes a lot of people a lot of money and gives a lot of people a lot of power.

And, most importantly, good little people that we are, we surrender to that power because we have forgotten who we really are.

We give our power away to others because we have forgotten our own sovereignty and forgotten that we, as individuals, are from the divine.

And those in power are actually the most lost, the most scared, and yet we allow them to lead us and rule us.

It’s the blind leading the blind.

We can stop that in an instant and reclaim our power.

It doesn’t need force or violence.

It’s a peaceful and silent turning inwards.

A gentle realisation that we are all connected.

We carry within us a divine spark.

We are all worthy.

We are all powerful.

We create.

We create the world we want to live in when we realise that our thoughts create our world.

That’s it.

The rest will take care of itself, once we realise that nobody else is in control of our thoughts - regardless of perceived money, power or status - we are god.

You are god.

Sounds weird, I know.

It goes against everything we’ve ever been told. We have been taught to call it ‘blasphemous’.

And anyway, saying it doesn’t mean you are personally responsible for everything in the world, or that you created hunger, war and death. It just means you have within you the same creative spark that the entire rest of the Universe is made up of.

That force is in you. It always has been. It always will be.

You think it, it creates the world you experience.

So, think again.

Choose love over fear.

Choose to remember who and what you really are.

And then see what happens.

It will all be good, because essentially you are coming home to yourself.

God is just reality but without our ego story.

There’s nothing to fear.

The ‘fear of God’ is just another of those ancient control mechanisms.

God has always been inside of us, waiting patiently for us to drop the fear, the control, the myths, the stories.

Some of the illusions may crumble, but they weren’t real anyway, you are so much freer without them.

The more you let go, the more energy you free up, the more positive and loving you will feel.

It sounds simple but it isn’t necessarily easy.

It takes moment to moment vigilance as to what choices you make, but it ultimately comes down to a choice of love or fear.

Love or fear.

Each and every moment.

Do you choose love?

You could think of that as ‘what would God do’?

Or, do you choose to act from fear?

We know the difference between the two, even when we pretend we don’t.

We know the difference by how each choice feels. One feels empowering and warm, we feel expansive, open and loving. The other feels small and closed, often creating anger, fear, blame and judgement.

So, choose again.

As time goes by, you will get better and better at choosing the ‘loving’ path.

Follow that.

One step at a time.

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