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Wakey Wakey

Things are about to change, are you ready?

We’ve been asleep for too long now.

Inebriated by our desires; more, better, best.

Driven on by the relentless dangling carrot and stick routine; should, would and could.

Praying to false gods; money, media and technology.

And we all know deep down we’ve lost our way.

That’s why we are in such poor general health, many people heavily reliant on medication to keep going; why Mental Health has become such a pressing concern - but at least we’re talking about it now.

We work tirelessly to put food on the table, desperately seeking meaning and purpose in our life, to justify the feeling of helplessness that nevertheless prevails deep down inside.

We numb ourselves with drugs, alcohol, food and light entertainment. It keeps us quiet, for sure.

Meanwhile, the news media we are served up each day pumps fear and anxiety into our brains and we soak it up under the premise of it reflecting ‘reality', when the only reality it shares is the augmented and twisted agenda of whoever controls that particular outlet.

Is it any wonder we are so scared, lost and angry?

It’s hardly a pretty picture that’s been painted there.

It doesn’t have to be that way though, and the world is about to change in ways that may finally break that paradigm down, for good.

It’s written in the stars.

But, will we be brave enough to face the truth and stare it in the eyes when it is shown to us or will we justify and rationalise it in order to bury it under the carpet and ‘carry on as usual’?

Many people will choose to remain in their self-made prisons, even though the door is now wide open and the fresh air of freedom is there to breathe in, if they want to. Better the devil you know and all that. It’s perfectly understandable, we all want to feel safe and secure and of course uncertainty is scary. But, on the other side of those fears lies freedom, truth and honesty.

This isn’t even about politics, or good guys versus bad guys, this is a personal journey to find the truth of who you are, why you are here and what you can do to increase your own wellbeing and that of those around you.

The only real battle going on both on the outside and on the inside is one of consciousness; consenting to allow the distractions of the material world to deprive us of our spirituality, our connection with something bigger than us; God.

For millennia we’ve been told by the mystics, hidden in plain sight, often somewhat encrypted in analogy and story so as to sneak past the prying eyes of organised religion and any other establishments who might choose to rule over us and our thoughts; the truth is within us.

Now, as the world we once knew burns down all around us, and we start to sift through the embers and ashes of our past, under closer inspection we see that all that has really been incinerated is our illusions, the false sense of security that we built to try to keep us safe but that actually just kept us locked away from the truth that was inside of us all along.

For those people who have been waking up over recent years to this truth, it is a time for compassion and to help those who have been asleep to adjust to the new world; people will feel disorientated, scared and lost. This isn’t a time for ‘told you so’ or smugness, this is a time for compassion, to help one another and to build a better future together.

And for those people who are having their minds blown by discovering that the world they thought they knew wasn't what they had always thought it was - be brave, be strong, open your hearts, trust, trust in God (even if you don't know what that means yet - you will).

All you good, good people - we got this.

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