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Waiting For Superman

The truth about why nobody is coming to save you.

“Tell everybody waiting for Superman,

That they should try to hold on the best they can.

He hasn't dropped them, forgot them or anything.

It's just too heavy for Superman to lift.” - The Flaming Lips, Waiting For A Superman

There’s good news and there’s bad news.

The bad news is - there is nobody or no ‘thing’ that is going to come along and save you; there’s no hero, no saviour. I’m afraid Superman isn’t going to swoop down from the sky and sort out all the bad guys.

The good news is - you don’t need anybody or anything else to save you.

You are it.

You are your own saviour, your own hero.

We all love the fairytales and superhero stories, they’ve been around forever because we love that sense of good triumphing over evil, we love happy endings; they give us hope and light in the darkness.

Hollywood is founded on selling the dream, the problem arises when we buy into the dream and our reality doesn’t live up to it.

In our disappointment, we look to find something to redeem us, something to put our faith in, something that will give us a sense of meaning and purpose. For billions of people, religion has filled that void for millennia now and God has been the all-powerful entity to adore; for others, money and attention have become the ultimate deity; but there are also many others who, tired of the chase, now seek a direct and personal connection with something higher than themselves and for whom the current explanations about God just don’t seem to fit the bill.

Many are now searching for that inner knowledge; people are starting to wake up from their slumber and seeking something more. But, it can feel strange and even disorientating to let go of lifelong beliefs and patterns, yet at the same time when something no longer fits the only way to find happiness is to let go of the stuff that doesn’t work anymore.

So, it can hurt to think that there isn’t a saviour that’s going to come along and sort all the shit out, we may feel disappointed and despondent for a while; we also now realise that the job is left to us and that responsibility can feel heavy too.

We’ve got work to do.

But, it’s the best kind of work. It’s the job of following our heart and not our head. It’s the task of choosing loving choices not fearful choices. It’s a journey of leaving behind the bits that we no longer want or need and picking up the pieces we choose now.

We are lightening the load. Taking rocks our of our backpack each day. But, without moving anywhere we are walking away from the world we once knew and discovering a whole other world had existed there all along but we were too blind to see it, too busy to notice.

We start to realise that we aren’t who we thought we are and we aren’t what we thought we were. We’re something even better, even brighter. And, we are all connected. We all share that same spark. When we take the journey from the head to the heart we also take the path to realising we are all one and interconnected; the differences we see are in our minds and never in our hearts.

The journey inwards is what we came here to do, when we finally remember.

This is how we save ourselves. You are the superman you’ve always been waiting for.

Up, up and away.

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