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Starting All Over Again

I've been online for years and years. I've had Wordpress blogs, Typepad blogs, and a Medium page. Last year at Christmas I bought this domain (the one you are on), the first time I used a domain that was my own name, rather than hiding behind company or brand names. Over the holiday period I built the site and I have spent the best part of this year filling it with all kinds of content that I deemed interesting enough to publish.

Then I seemingly pressed the wrong button (after some bumbled advice from the Wix Customer Support Team) and lost everything. Gone forever.

Rather than screaming and shouting though, which I might have done a number of years ago, I decided to accept the reality of the situation, and use it as an opportunity, (and a sign from The Universe), to start all over again.

So I've simplified the site.

Less is more.

I've loosened my own self-imposed restrictions and I'm aiming to make this a place where I can share myself wholeheartedly. My writing, filmmaking, photography, sketching, podcasting - and also my philosophy.

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