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Good Moaning

There's nothing quite like a good moan.

Some days it's just good to have a moan.

It doesn't even matter what you are moaning about, there's just something inside of you that needs to come out, and moaning is a great way to do so.

It really helps if you have somebody in your life who you can moan to and you know they won't judge you or hate you afterwards.

You start with a little gentle moan to ease you in, adamant that you aren't going to go to the depths of a full blow out, but before long you are in the flow of and slowly but surely the deeper frustrations begin to surface and then erupt out of you.

And though it feels kind of bad, it also feels pretty good.

You feel bad because usually your moan is about somebody else, and, if you are like me, then talking about somebody else doesn't make you feel good, but still, the ability to offload your pent up frustrations feels alright.

For a while though, at the very peak of your moan, there comes a moment of concern when you wonder whether you will ever come back from this brink and end up spending the rest of your life in a state of perpetual unhappiness, always moaning and feeling permanently fed up. Have you gone too far?

I tend to overstep the mark for a while and repeat myself, making the same point over and over, with growing anger and intensity each time. I know this means I am nearing the end of my moan, and need to learn to shut up sooner rather than later. It can't be easy listening to this drivel.

Slowly, I monitor my breathing and take it from the shallow panting required in order to rant effectively to a deeper and calmer cycle. As my breath slows down, my mind does too. The tension and frustration drains away subtly and before long I start to feel lighter and freer.

It feels a bit Jekyll and Hyde. You emerge from your moan normal but with the bitter aftertaste of having been somewhere else, being someone else.

It's disconcerting in a strangely comforting way.

By talking it out you have removed the poison that would have been toxic to you if you let it fester, and that is why having a good moan can be a really good thing.

The key though is to allow what just happened to go, let it be. It's done. No recrimination. No guilt, no shame. Gone. Move on.

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