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It's better to know the truth.

(Even if it hurts at first).

These are the best of times, these are the worst of times; these are the times to innocently bastardise Shakespeare.

If this past year has shown us anything it is that we know nothing.

All the things we held as sacred, solid, true have proven to be nothing more than ether; health, finance, politics, religion.

We thought we knew. We thought there was at least some certainty and assurances in our lives, but we were wrong, there just isn’t.

And like mystics have been telling us for millennia, the only place we can truly find anything resembling consistency is in the present, the now; ironically ever-changing and yet totally consistent in that.

So, understandably, when all that we held as true and real turns out to no longer be the case, we feel disillusioned, disorientated, lost and scared. These feelings are to be expected, they are normal, they are healthy, they can serve us really well - if we trust in the process of truth.

Now truth is a slippery sod, it brings to mind ideas of right and wrong, good and bad, justice and injustice, but the truth we really need is the one that resides inside each and every one of our beautiful, awesome hearts.

We know truth when we experience it, it resonates with our heart and feels good, and we similarly know its opposite when we encounter it because it feels wrong in our gut; perhaps through habit and distraction over time we have tuned out our intuition but it is always there still, just waiting for us to trust it, and indeed trust ourselves.

So, when we do get that sense of loss of balance and disorientation upon discovering that what we thought was true isn’t true, it’s just a natural process of climatization as we adjust and calibrate our hearts with truth. And, that very process is life-affirming. It may feel strange, uncomfortable and even scary but it will purify our souls in the fire of truth, and before we start sounding too biblical, it will prepare us for the future and the new World that is emerging now.

As the decades have gone by, from the 1950s to the present day, people have been waking up to themselves, and in particular to their higher selves. This is not a coincidence, it is the natural plan of consciousness gently caressing our delicate little human hearts and preparing them for the time when love, as in divine love and not romantic love, will once again rule the hearts of men (and women, of course, it’s just an unfortunate and outdated colloquialism).

It appears that there will be a huge barrage of revelations that will soon emerge that will further shake our understanding of the world we live in and the very structures of society that we held, too much, faith in. This seems to be inevitable, although potentially disillusioning, time in humankind. The stars have been aligning and leading to this for a long time (well since time began if we are being pedantic).

Again the mystics have been trying to tell us through the millennia that love is the answer, love is the way, god is love; but we haven’t all wanted to hear that, and even if we did we didn’t necessarily know what to do with that information.

That was our excuse anyhow.

We have always known the difference between love or fear. We know how one feels compared to the other. We have all had moments where we’ve felt the simple joy and levity from being kind to ourselves or when doing something for others; we’ve also had times when fear, anger and anxiety consumed us and it felt awful.

During these challenging and disorientating times that may lay ahead, we have to focus on love and not fear. We have to listen to our hearts and our feelings and not to the news or to other people’s opinions.

Now is the time for us to forget what we thought we knew and to be open to learning to find our own truth; esoteric mumbo jumbo as that may sound, the simple intent to be open to learning is enough for the path to open up ahead for us. Our job then becomes focusing on walking step by step forward, keeping our hearts, and minds, wide open.

Everything else will take care of itself, it always has done, so far.



Trust Love.

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