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In A World Of Noise, What Happened To Quiet?

Turning down the volume inside our own heads.

In a world full of noise, it seems that over recent years quietness has gone out of fashion, it's just not cool anymore.

A quiet, unassuming demeanour has been replaced in the pecking order by an epidemic of noise and attention-grabbing. Fueled perfectly by technology, it is now easier than ever to make loud noises 'out there', without even opening your mouth.

You see noise isn't necessarily something that we hear with just our ears. We can make a lot of noise within the confines of our own head, and often that is the worst type of noise, because it's often incessant. When the noise gets so loud inside, we often then try to turn the volume down by projecting it out into the world instead.

When we are calm and quiet and at peace inside, we rarely feel the need to want to make some external exclamation of that feeling, we simply enjoy it and relax into it.

It is only when we are tired of the relentless chaos inside of us that we decide to vent it outwards. Social media has provided a perfect platform for people to rant and rave, and hiding behind a virtual avatar gives people abnormal confidence and a license to spew out vitriol and rage that would be illegal in the physical world.

My dad used to say 'if you've got nothing nice to say, say nothing'. He didn't always adhere to his own advice I should add, but it's something that I have always tried to live by.

So, I'm on a silent, one-man mission, to bring quiet back and make it sexy and cool again. The problem is - how do I get my silent message out there?

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