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I Am Loving Awareness

The Mantra That Ram Dass Used For Most of His Life

Ram Dass left this planet at the end of last year. It would have been interesting to hear what he had to say about the times we are living through right now.

Thankfully he left us with an abundance of books, tapes and films documenting over fifty years of his spiritual journey and his teachings.

I recently stumbled across a really interesting album by East Forest which takes some recent conversations he recorded with Ram Dass and sets them to an eclectic mix of weird and wonderful musical styles. It's beautiful, I've had it on repeat for the last week or so.

One particular song stands out for me, I Am Loving Awareness. It's the mantra that Ram Dass used throughout much of his life and with the addition of the East Forest soundtrack it makes for a truly powerful experience. You can listen to the album HERE. (I listened to it for 45 minutes on repeat on my morning dog walk in the park, by the time I got home I was tingling all over and felt deeply relaxed and refreshed.)

You can also read a great article, and watch Ram Dass guiding you through his I Am Loving Awareness mantra, by clicking this article from Ram Dass's official website.

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