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Calmness Can Be Cultivated

Peace of mind is something we can bring about for ourselves.

Too often we wait for the stars to align before we allow ourselves to be happy. We can always find excuses in the outside world if we want to.

It's strange though that we would want to provide ourselves with reasons not to be happy in the first place. But, that is what we do. We create rules for ourselves; I'll be happy IF this happens, I'll be happy WHEN this happens, I'll be happy IF I achieve this, own that, control this.

You could waste your whole life waiting for the world to arrange itself until it ticks all your boxes, and even if it did for even just one moment, it will change the very next moment anyhow.

What are we really waiting for?


We need to give ourselves permission to be okay with the world right now, just as it is. With all those loose ends, unticked boxes, imperfect situations.

When we give ourselves permission to be alright in the present moment then it is incredible how quickly we can start to see how much peace and calmness and beauty is available to us.

When we stop and just experience the presence of this moment, right here and right now. The sensation of your back against the chair, noticing any tension in your posture and just releasing it. Perhaps moving through your body slowly from head to toe, you can gently release any extra, unnecessary tension that you are holding. And with this take a deep breath from the depth of your belly and let it roll up your body to fill your chest and even your head, and then let it go with a deep sigh and gently squeeze out all the breath.

Even if you half committed to that short exercise, you will have been more present than you were beforehand. You will have been less caught in your thoughts, even if you didn't really notice it. This is how we can cultivate peace and calmness, and even happiness.

It isn't something that we strive for and save up for the future like money a bank account. It's a moment to moment choice to be more present and more aware. It's no more complicated than that. We aren't burdening ourselves here with concepts of attaining enlightenment or even with spiritual teachings and learnings, that may come in time if you so desire, all we are discussing here is an entry point into breaking the cycle of tension, stress, worry and fear that keeps us from ourselves. Something we can practice doing at any moment, and every moment.

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