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A Guide For Quiet People

A Manifesto To Embrace Those Who Tend Towards Being Introverted

Off the back of the wonderful Keyboard CEO online workshop that I recently attended, run by Do Lectures, I was encouraged to write something that felt uncomfortable and vulnerable, simply for the exercise of learning to write without fear.

The first subject matter that arose that felt scary and out of my comfort zone was addressing the idea of being an introvert. It has always felt to me that we live in a world that is geared towards extroverts; people who can put themselves out there, people who socialise and network well, people who are good at small talk.

I am none of these, and have spent large parts of my life dwelling on what I seemed to be lacking. It is only in recent years that I have learnt to love and embrace the fact that I am a quiet, often shy person and that being an introvert is actually a truly wonderful gift.

So I sat down at my keyboard and hammered out a manifesto and posted it on Medium where I knew it would receive some instant attention. It doesn't matter how it is received, the act of writing from out of my comfort zone was reward enough. It felt great, empowering.

You can read that Medium article HERE.

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