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When You Hit The Wall, Stop!

There is an invisible wall that we hit sometimes in life. It's okay.

I hit a bit of a wall today. Not all of the wall, not even half of it, just a bit of it. It didn't hurt too much, it just stopped me in my tracks and then I hobbled slowly onwards, albeit slightly bewildered.

If I'm honest I kind of saw the wall coming a few days ago but I also thought that by the time it got closer I would have seen it and chosen another route.

I hadn't.

So, when it did come along I was otherwise distracted and walked straight into it.

It is, of course, a metaphoric wall. These are the worst kind of walls. These walls are invisible.

Metaphoric walls suck.

The wall I hit had the word 'creativity' graffitied across it in big, bold letters, which makes it even more inexcusable that I didn't see it.

You see you are seemingly happy, wandering along on a creative path, believing everything is all good, you've found a groove, a good way to work, developed some structure and discipline. You are in the flow, and you can't imagine ever running out of steam or enthusiasm.

And then, the wall.

There's nothing. All creative energy ebbs away. Enthusiasm wanes. Ideas dry up. Now you can't imagine ever having another good creative idea again.

Don't panic. That's what I told myself. Experience had taught me that this is a normal and healthy part of the process. Trust it. Allow it. Celebrate it even.

It is here to provide you with some much needed and deserved creative rest, so that the well can fill up again.

It helps you to see that perhaps the groove you had gotten yourself into wasn't necessarily the healthiest or best scenario for you to do your best work.

It's a time to rest, a time to start over again.

Experience has also taught me that to allow this process, without judgement or worry, often leads to a rejuvenated creative purpose.

So today, I have been 'loving' the wall. This one may take a little while to scale, and yes, my shins are scuffed and grazed, but they will heal soon enough.

I'll be on my way again in no time.

There will be other walls too. That's okay, I'm not afraid of walls, anymore, and next time I'll be wearing shinpads.

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